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BCB Lacquers

The Zelda Collection

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Zelda Collection: Set of 5 Polishes

  • The Face Under The Mask: Inspired by Majoras Mask. Described as an orchid purple with a strong blue/purple shimmer and holo flakes.
  • Courage Need Not Be Remembered, For It Is Never Forgotten:
  • Inspired by Breath of the Wild. Described as a light pink with a strong pink/gold/green shimmer and holo flakes.
  • Rugged Adventurous Wilderness: Inspired by Skyward Sword: Described as an ice blue with a strong purple/pink shimmer and holo flakes.
  • The Wind Fish Awaits: Inspired by Links Awakening: Described as a light grey with a strong green/gold/blue shimmer and holo flakes.
  • Tears of the Kingdom: Inspired by and in honor of the new game Tears of the Kingdom, releasing May 2023. Described as a mint green with a strong green/blue/pink shimmer and holo flakes.